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The result? Two patented technologies and a clean, safe, at-home solution for lines and wrinkles available to individuals of all ages, genders, and ethnicities worldwide.


We’ve spent the last 10 years researching the mechanisms of cellular aging, analyzing key factors in lines and wrinkles, studying the epidermal cell messenger theory, and exploring interactions between XEP-018 and Nav1.4

What is epidermal cell messenger theory?

In 1986, it was discovered that botulinum toxin had the ability to interrupt the information exchange between nerves and muscles by inhibiting the release of neural signals. This resulted in the relaxation of muscles which alleviated facial tension and relieved the pressure on the skin, ultimately enabling collagen to regenerate and thus enhancing skin elasticity.

What is XEP-018?

Activen XEP™-018 is a biomimetic of a natural conopeptide from venomous marine cone snail (Conus consors). Biologically, it acts as a modulator of the neuromuscular transmission, as well as a potent and selective blocker of the voltage-gated sodium channel . Cosmetically, it acts as an instant line relaxer giving a smooth skin appearance.

The key role of muscle relaxants in the treatment and prevention of wrinkles has been established by decades of experience in botulinum toxin injections, which have proved highly potent and safe. Muscle relaxation beneath the skin rapidly reduces wrinkles and, in the long run, improves facial appearance and psychological well-being.

Contrary to botulinum toxin, the XEP®-018 miniprotein™ is small enough to penetrate the skin and thus doesn’t need to be injected to exert its muscle relaxant activity.

XEP-018 naturally relaxes facial muscles and eliminates wrinkles as it acts on a nerve synapse rather than interfering with the normal functioning of the nervous system, ultimately offering a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. With a precise target on various voltage-gated sodium channels, derived from neuropharmacology, XEP-018 achieves an immediate smoothing of wrinkles.

What Is Mu-Conotoxin Cniiic?

Mu-Conotoxin Cniiic is a 22 amino acid peptide molecule that belongs to the "Botox-in-a-jar" type of topical muscle relaxers. It is a biomimetic peptide, meaning that it tries to copy the behavior of the natural peptide found in the venomous marine cone snail called Conus consors. Biologically speaking, the molecule acts as a modulator of the neuromuscular transmission that translates to being an instant line relaxer when it comes to cosmetics. Research found that a single application with 3% XEP-018 on 33 people results in a visible and significant reduction of wrinkle depth and rugosity 2 hours after application.

What is Nav1.4 ?

NaV1.4 is highly expressed in skeletal muscle, representing more than 90% of Nav channels in adult muscle tissue, and is a key for initiation and propagation of action potentials that regulate skeletal muscle contractility.

How do XEP-018 and Nav1.4 work together?

Special neuropeptide found in cone snail venom acts to block Nav 1 receptors on your nerve endings that inhibit muscle contraction, and therefore relaxes wrinkles and expression lines.

How does MORITEK use each within its patented technology?

With our own MORILABs in the United States, Switzerland, and China, we have spearheaded a new way for XEP-018 to interact with to serve as the primary transmission pathway for electrical signals in the muscle motor neurons. By blocking signal transmission through one pathway, we are able to achieve the relaxation of facial muscles, the release of skin wrinkles, and the rebound of skeletal muscles.Additionally, our application of epidermal messenger molecules inhibits neural signaling, allowing for long-term muscle relaxation and anti-aging benefits. With the epidermal messenger molecules theory and breakthrough absorption technology with XEP-018 and , we’ve been able to utilize cutting-edge, biomolecular simulation and three-dimensional skin folding to enhance absorption, reverse aging, restore youthfulness, and deliver instant anti-aging results, ultimately resulting in a patented technology that provides a long-term solution to short term-effectiveness common in anti-aging skincare.